March 9, 2011

Morning Sickness: Not Just For Mornings!!

That was definitely the color of my smoothie.
Call it a misnomer, but morning sickness is not just for mornings. It's also for afternoons, evening, middle of the nights...

I have been lucky so far in that I've only had mild nausea, but over the weekend, after I returned from a long business trip, I could barely drag myself out of bed Saturday morning. When I did drag myself out of bed to run an errand, I sat in the car feeling completely sick. I got a smoothie on the way home thinking it would be good if I could suck down a little fruit, but before I was halfway done, I found myself running to the bathroom (my husband ran in completely the opposite direciton).

Backwards smoothie does not taste good.

Since then, I've been in the confounding position of being starving all the time but also nauseous to the point where very little sounds appealing.

Do I dare cook dinner tonight? Stay tuned...

What are some tips you've heard for fighting off morning sickness and nausea? What sorts of foods did you eat that actually stayed down?

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